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How our EduKids Connect technology can help your early childhood program

EduKids is a comprehensive childcare management software system and mobile app. It promotes positive relationships and enhances best practices using modern program management.

Efficiently Manage Program Operations

Track attendance of children and/or staff, automate various reports, use digitized transactions such as billing and invoicing (optional feature).

Reduce Cost

Your school administration staff can save time and reduce costs through streamlining daily record keeping and data entry tasks, printing fewer forms, reducing overall storage of archived forms, and managing staffing coverage based on tracking your teacher-to-student ratios throughout the day.

Connect with parents

Automatically provide parents with daily email summaries and photos/videos, access to school reminders and documents, plus offer real-time assurances whenever needed.

How it Works



Teachers use a mobile classroom tablet (iPad, iPhone or other) for a one-way communication system, to digitally share information with parents about their child's day.

  • Share photos and videos of precious moments much more easily, without the traditionally cumbersome camera uploading/downloading tasks of the past.
  • Share daily care reports and learning experiences of infants, toddlers, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten children. Some activities include
    • Nursery and classroom activities
    • Special needs information and special education activities
    • Lesson plans
    • Bottles and meals
    • Potty times
    • Nap times
    • Notes

Parents or Guardians

Parents automatically receive daily experience summaries, messages and photos/videos.

  • Communication can come from any teacher, both AM/PM shifts.
  • Easily access program materials, parent handbook, menus, curriculum info, progress reports etc.
  • Download photos to share with family and friends.
  • More than one parent/guardian can receive the daily summaries on any mobile device or computer,
  • Parents receive instant notifications by downloading the free EduKids app.
  • Each authorized pick up person has a 4-digit unique pin number for increased security.

Directors or Administrators

Logging into the EduKids website, directors can review their dashboard's collective enrollment data, live-view each room’s attendance charts, send emails and documents to parents, and manage the child care finances.

  • Automatically capture registration and enrollment data by sending a link to new parents.
  • Set up a 4-digit unique pin for the attendance of each family and staff member.
  • Generate customized reports: attendance, meals, etc.
  • Retrieve securely archived data on current or past children anytime.
  • Easily send newsletters, documents, forms, and reminders to select classes or to the entire program.
  • Interface existing business systems with EduKids for billing and invoicing (optional).
  • Maintain a teacher-to-parent communication log; review regularly and train teachers in best strategies.



Classroom Tablet Mobile App Features

Single-screen View

In the classroom, all work takes place on one main screen of the tablet, making this the easiest child care technology tool in the industry.


A child attendance app is available, with photo capture and secure PIN numbers.

Alternately, teachers can manually check in and out the children.

Single or Multiple Selections

Teachers can insert data, photos, or videos on individual children or on multiple children at a time

Send Instant Emails

Photos and videos can be sent to parents immediately or saved till end of day.

Automatic Nap-Timer

For naps, teachers can either set an automatic nap timer for each child or they can enter nap times after children wake up.

Reminders in Real-Time

Reminders for diapers, etc., can be sent to parents immediately, so they can stop at the store, if desired, before pick-up time.


Teachers can save photos and notes as “observations” for future parent conferences, rather than send them to parents as a daily experience.


As part of this app, teachers can easily access thousands of activities and ready-to-use lesson plans from our curriculum partner.

Add Notes

Special education therapists can add their own note to a parent on the child’s daily experience.

Teachers can attach documents and forms to parent emails.

Help Videos

Teachers can review how to use all the features by referring to the Help section on the home screen or the small “i” buttons next to each menu item.

Child Care Offices Use EduKids’ Web-Based Features

Centralized Dashboard

Directors’ computers show many facets of the program from only one screen, for example: 15-minute count graphs, total emails sent and archived, total check-in and check-outs for the day, client contact data, classroom configuration, document management, etc.

Electronic Student Registration

Registration and enrollment data is automated when directors simply send a link to new parents that they fill in the blanks and email it back to the school.

Customize the Menu

Directors decide which fields in the daily experience “menu” teachers will be able to fill out. Those are the only fields that will show on the tablet’s screen.

Directors can set up detailed customized options for teachers to choose from, in the Breakfast/Lunch/Snack, Potty, Mood, and AM/PM activities sections.

Document Management

Directors can attach documents and forms to emails and send to individuals, specific classrooms, or to the whole program.

Billing & Invoicing

Using the comprehensive registration data in EduKids, directors can have their billing and invoicing activities integrated into one system.

Staff Attendance Tracker

In lieu of timesheets, directors can give each staff person a unique 4-digit pin to use in signing in and out, providing a digital record of actual hours worked each week.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly Child Attendance Reports

Classroom Teacher/Student Ratio Reports

Staff Attendance

Diaper Log


Forecasted Enrollment

Child Assessment Reports

Weekly Activity Reports


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