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How EduKids can help your early childhood program

Efficiently Manage Program Operations

Track attendance of children and/or staff, automate various reports, use digitized transactions such as billing and invoicing (optional feature).

Reduce Cost

Save office staff time by streamlining daily record keeping and data entry jobs, print fewer forms, and reduce overall storage of paper.

Connect with parents

Automatically provide parents with daily email summaries and photos/videos, access to school reminders and documents, plus offer real-time assurances whenever needed.

How it Works



Teachers use a classroom tablet (iPad, iPhone or other) for a one-way communication system, to digitally share information with parents about their child's day.

  • Share photos and videos much more easily, without the traditionally cumbersome uploading/downloading tasks of the past.
  • Send notes, reminders and notifications.
  • Capture and share daily care and learning experiences with parents.
  • Teachers have immediate access to every child's personal data.

Parents or Guardians

Parents automatically receive daily experience summaries, messages and photos/videos.

  • Communication can come from any teacher, both AM/PM shifts.
  • Easily access program materials, parent handbook, menus, curriculum info, progress reports etc.
  • Download photos to share with family and friends.
  • More than one parent/guardian can receive the daily summaries on any mobile device or computer.


Logging into the EduKids website, directors can review their dashboard's collective data, track room-by-room attendance in real-time, send emails and documents to parents, and manage finances.

  • Automatically capture registration data.
  • Generate customized reports: attendance, meals, etc.
  • Retrieve securely archived data anytime.
  • Easily send newsletters, documents, forms, and reminders to select classes or to the entire program.
  • Use the optional billing and invoicing features, built into the system.

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