EduKids takes home 2nd place at the SAVA360 & NetIP 2015 Startup Competition!

Together we revolutionize child care & help parent's stay connected.

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How EduKids can help your center

Improve Compliance

Access medical records, retrive digital record, and generate reports for vouchers.

Reduce Cost

Streamline daily recordkeeping and storage, print fewer and digitally download forms.

Connect with parents

Receive daily emails and photos, access to reminders and alerts and so much more

How it works



Use a classroom iPad to communicate one-on one with parents about their child's day

  • EduKids Share photos, videos and journal notes

  • EduKids Send reminder and notifications

  • EduKids Capture daily experience report data digitally

  • EduKids Immediate access to the child's personal info



Use email or the EduKids App on a smartphone, iPad or computer to receive daily experience reports, message and photos in a private online portfolio.

  • EduKids Optimal communication with staff

  • EduKids Easily access program materials, parent handbook, menus, curriculum info, progress reports etc.

  • EduKids Download photos to share with family and friends

  • EduKids Both parents receive daily digital info



Use an ipad or computer to instantly communicate to parents and/or staff, digitally manage data changes, streamline recordkeeping and maintain compliance

  • EduKids Easily retrieve archived data

  • EduKids Generate customized reports

  • EduKids Automatically capture registration data

  • EduKids Communicate via newsletter


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